spillproof (spillproof) wrote in i_hate_sxe,


For those special people like me who have a hard time learning anything if it's not related to drugs...

A Acid
B Battery Acid/LSD
C Crystal Meth.. Cocaine/ Co Co Puffz
D Dex
E Ecstacy
F Fucked Up
G Ganja
H Heroin / Hash
I Indica
J Joint / Jib
K Special K
L Laughing Gas
M Mushrooms
N Northern Lights
O Opium
P Precription Pills
Q Quaaludes
R Rolling
S Speed
T Toke
U Uppers
V Vitamin E / Vitamin K
W Weed
X Xtacy
Y Yayo.. Yayz.. a.k.a Cocaine
Z Zoomz aka Shrooms
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ahaha awesome