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Don't get cheap with the wine.

I love you ALL! I am going to show up at 129 doorsteps and make sweet, unprotected love to all of you (even the deleted journals). While doing intravenous drugs. Then, we'll have a nice, relaxing Marlboro after the fornication.

Well, maybe not. But that's one way of showing my gratitude for the existence of this community! I'm sick of these little pricks deleting me from their friends lists because I write about drug-induced experiences. Or the oh-so-funny comment "Drugs are for idiots" <--- full stop. These people need the sticks pulled out of their asses and some mushrooms shoved down their throats.
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omg u go grl
Lets shoot up some heroin with X's on our hands!
*lol* Very much so.
I know what you mean about the friends thing. Not that I've ever experienced it. But I've come across stupid communities that basically tell you to fuck off for being opininated even when they ask you for your opinions.